Spring Fling involves thousands



    If you didn’t go to BYUSA’s Spring Fling, chances are at least one or two of your roommates did. The final, free activity hosted by BYUSA broke activity attendance records when a reported 10,000 students, one-third of the student body, participated in the festivities celebrating the last day of Winter Semester classes.

    There were several attractions at the Spring Fling that convinced students to stay on campus for a few more hours after attending their Winter Semester classes for the last time. Thousands of students waited in long lines for their share of the 600 free pizzas, equalling 6,000 slices, from Pizza Hut.

    “There was nothing better than handing out pizza or a T-shirt and seeing the people be so happy; I wish we could do more things like that,” said Tanya Remski, vice president of campus life for BYUSA and director of the Spring Fling.

    The dance held in the Cougareat brought in an estimated 3,000 people with an additional 3,500 in attendance at the musical and comedy performances in the Wilkinson Center Ballroom. There were also thousands who played in the laser tag maze, bungee run and other activities.

    One of the unique highlights to this year’s Spring Fling was the variety of students who attended the five-hour celebration representing all four classes, from freshman to seniors, in addition to married and single students.

    “It really did touch more than just the freshman,” Remski said.

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