Post officesextend hoursfor taxpayers



    It is commonly known that the early bird gets the worm, but in the case of sending in tax forms, those who wait until the last day will be rewarded for their procrastination.

    Monday is the final day to send in tax forms and local post offices are accommodating the masses of people who will have waited until the last minute to do their taxes by staying open later and allowing Hogi Yogi to hand out free sandwiches and yogurt to those standing in line.

    This will be the fifth year that Hogi Yogi will provide free food to the last-minute taxpayers standing in line at the East Bay (Provo), Orem and American Fork post offices, an idea designed to get good publicity.

    “We think this is a great way to expose ourselves to the community,” said Rick Clayton, vice president of Hogi Yogi Corp. “People are usually mad or tired while they stand in line. When they see something free, it changes their outlook on the day and they see Hogi Yogi as something good.”

    Marv Wheeler, customer service manager at the American Fork office, said that after regular closing time on tax day, the lines always are out to the door. “It is quite busy and the place is packed,” he said.

    The East Bay office will be collecting forms and selling stamps until midnight on the 15th. The Orem post office will be open until midnight but will stop selling stamps at 8 p.m. The American Fork post office will close their doors at 9 p.m.

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