BYU Football season ticket survey offers insight into uncertain season

BYU Tickets sent an online survey to its football season ticket holders this week, as first reported by KSL’s Mitch Harper, offering several options being considered for the upcoming season and the uncertainties the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to sporting events.

As it stands, BYU Football is planning on commencing its fall training camp in early August as it usually does, with the season opener at the University of Utah on Sept. 3. Many things are still up in the air, however, such as how many fans will be allowed in the stadium and what will happen to season ticket holders if any or all of the games are canceled due to the ongoing pandemic.

“As we look ahead to the upcoming football season, and try to anticipate a variety of scenarios regarding home games, we felt it would be helpful to get your thoughts should it become necessary to reduce the seating capacity in LaVell Edwards Stadium,” the survey stated at the top.

The following questions were sent to 5,608 BYU Football season-ticket holders to help decide the best way to move forward.

When thinking about returning to a stadium environment, how comfortable are you with attending a football game in LaVell Edwards Stadium?

  • I will attend for sure
  • Cautious, but will probably attend
  • I will not attend

If it became necessary to offer you a refund of your season tickets, which of the following options would you prefer?

  • Full refund on the amount I have paid
  • Donate the amount that I have paid to the Cougar Club/Athletics
  • Donate a portion that I have paid to Cougar Club and refund the remainder
  • Apply my full 2020 football payment to the 2021 season
  • Other

If the current schedule changes, how likely are you to keep your season tickets?

  • Very likely
  • Somewhat likely
  • Not likely

If we have to implement a reduced capacity scenario at the stadium, how do we determine priority for selling the restricted seating?

  • Cougar Club level and priority points
  • Years of continuous season ticket purchase
  • Other

If stadium capacity is reduced which option would you prefer?

  • Sell only season tickets to a limited number of fans
  • Sell two, three or four game packages so more fans have the opportunity to attend
  • Sell individual games only

When thinking about a reduced capacity scenario, please select the option that you would be most in favor of.

  • I prefer to buy season tickets and come to every game
  • I prefer to attend just some of the games
  • I will come to any game that is made available
  • I am not likely to attend this year

What is your age category?

  • Under 35
  • Age 35-54
  • Age 55 and older

The survey brings to light a variety of issues that college football programs across the country have to address as the season nears, such as personal comfortability returning to public events, how to refund tickets for canceled games, and how tickets should be sold and offered if there is limited seating due to physical distancing measures.

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