Cinco de Mayo: Let’s talk tacos


Andrew Forrest eats his taco in celebration of Cinco de Mayo. (Madi Driggs)

Cinco de Mayo is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than eating some authentic, classic Mexican food? Here is a roundup of our 10 favorite Mexican restaurants in the Provo area. See if you can hit all 10 — map at the bottom.

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1. Brassas Mexican Grill

2. Taquería El Vaquero

3. Street Tacos Don Joaquin

4. El Gallo Giro

5. Laura’s Kitchen

6. Mi Lindo Guadalajara

7. Emanuel’s Fresh Grill

8. El Mexsal

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9. Juguería Rodríguez

10. Mamá Chus

Bonus: Fruta Crush (Mexican dessert)

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