Maren Skidmore, chemistry, Phoenix, AZ

Maren Skidmore said her favorite college student recipe is to use chicken nuggets when she makes chicken parmigiana. “My mom did it,” Skidmore said. She mentioned that she has a meal card and isn’t cooking much right now. Skidmore added that even though she doesn’t have to worry about preparing her meals, she still enjoys cooking. “I like taking it (the food) to people when you’re done,” Skidmore said.

Ari Davis
McKinley Pugh, physics, Loveland, CO

McKinley Pugh turns to spaghetti as her go-to meal. “I like it, it’s easy, it doesn’t take thought or courage,” Pugh said. She said she buys angel hair pasta rather than regular spaghetti because it cooks faster. Pugh added that putting salt in first makes the pasta taste better and said sometimes her pasta goes without sauce. “Some days I’m too lazy to do the sauce, so I just do parmesan cheese. I’ll put butter in if I can find it,” Pugh said.



Ari Davis
Riley Reynolds, mechanical engineering Alpine, UT

Riley Reynolds said he relies on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when he is in a rush. “Since I became a college student it became my thing,” Reynolds said. He mentioned that he is getting a bit sick of eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day, but he continues to make it. “I have one in my backpack right now,” Reynolds said. He mentioned that he likes that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are quick and easy to make.

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