Ignorance is bliss: The iPhone


The iPhone can be labeled as one of the easiest smartphones to use. Is the world choosing this device over thousands of other phones because they truly love its capabilities and functions? Or are they choosing the iPhone because it’s the iPhone?

Today’s society has a very different idea of what technology is and how it should be utilized in an everyday setting than it did even five years ago. The questions that used to be, “Will this device work for me and meet my needs?” have turned into, “What will people think of me when they see me carrying this?”

Admit it, the iPhone is a status symbol. If you have an iPhone in your hand and white earbuds in your ears, you’re “in.” It has become more than a cellular device; it’s now a fashion accessory. People like iPhones for the same reason that consumers like Nike tennis shoes or Gucci fashion bags — it’s the cool thing to own.

They do say ignorance is bliss though, right? Even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said, “My primary phone is the iPhone. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do.” It’s easy to use, and it’s classic. But are these good enough reasons to purchase an expensive smartphone that doesn’t do nearly as much as another phone on the market? We want the intellect of our society to become stronger, but in order for this to occur something has to change. And this change doesn’t consist of another iPhone.

McKenna Hill

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