Salt Lake Center classes


As a transfer student from LDS Business College, my first impression of the Salt Lake Center was that the classrooms were quite empty compared to LDS Business College. This is why I believe the university should offer more classes at the Salt Lake Center to use the resources efficiently.

Many classrooms in the Salt Lake Center have only four to five classes per week. Each classroom usually holds only one or two classes each day. This is a fairly low number of classes compared to other institutes such as LDS Business College, where each classroom has four to five classes every day.

With the university expanding its class selection at the Salt Lake Center, the students and professors will save commuting time and gas because they will be able to choose between the Salt Lake Center and the main campus to attend or teach.

As an international student who can’t afford a car, I personally prefer Salt Lake City over Provo because they have better public transit. Many bus and train lines pass through Salt Lake City, and it allows me to travel easily. This has been a great advantage when I wanted to travel to other cities and towns in the state.

If the university offer more class selection in the Salt Lake Center, I won’t have to give up the benefit of public transportation, and many people will save their time and money.

Gihong Choi
Seoul, Korea

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