Children’s Christmas lists becoming high tech


Laptops, cell phones and tablets sound like items on an adult’s Christmas list, but children also want more high-tech gadgets from Santa. Adults aren’t the only ones asking Santa for a new cell phone or computer this year; children are too. But Patti Phillips remembers her childhood holidays as more simple and cost effective than they are today.

“We over-do at Christmas (today)…growing up, we got one big thing and our sock full of ribbon candy, but it was good. It was fine,” said Phillips.

Many people still have that one big thing and bunch of little things on their Christmas list. However, today technology and toys tend to advance at the same pace and last year’s big gift could be this year’s little gift. Electronic sales tend to go up during the holidays because people begin to view items like a high definition TV or a new iPod as a gift idea rather than an everyday purchase. People at electronic stores say they sell more products during the holidays than any other time of year.

“In November, there are some big days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but December, consistently we’ve had high sales,” said Scott Walker, founder of Underwater Audio.

Electronics are starting to pop up in places you might not expect them, like toy stores. Many now sell mp3 players, tablets and even cell phones. These advances in technology also mean advances in prices. Many non-electronic toys can cost anywhere from thirty to one hundred and fifty dollars.

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