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Rising from the ashes: Journalism students document Maui wildfire aftermath

Four students and two faculty members in the journalism sequence of the BYU School of Communications traveled to Lahaina, Maui in October to document rebuilding efforts following the August Maui wildfires.


Inside Mark Pope’s BYU program, where the most surprising team in...

Inside Mark Pope’s BYU program, where the most surprising team in college basketball is preparing to storm the Big 12 battlefieldA scorching 8-0 start...

Story of the Stats: BYU continues to impress against Evansville

BYU's record is a perfect 8-0 to start the season, but perhaps even more impressive is their record against the spread. Not only is BYU racking up wins, it is doing in dominant fashion night in and night out.


Provo police utilize drones for search and rescue missions

The Provo Police Department actively uses drones to get to places that are difficult to get to in a vehicle or on foot.


Nothing can beat the Green Bubble Bully

As technology continues to evolve, there's still a major problem iPhone users face: the dreaded green bubble. One company is hoping to take the “boring” out of technological advancements and bridge the messaging divide between iPhone and Android users.

Video of the Day: Rogue pig pursued by police

Body camera captured police officers attempting to corral a loose pig in Deptford, New Jersey on Tuesday, Dec. 6.

Video of the Day: Red Bull stuntman jumps off skyscraper

A video uploaded by Red Bull on Monday, Dec. 4, depicts stuntman Brian Grubb riding a wave board and skydiving off in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.