Midnight Madness encourages students to stay healthy, fit


By Lizeth Vejar

(Lizeth Vejar)

BYU encouraged students to stay healthy and fit through Midnight Madness, an event where students can binge on without guilt.

BYU Student Service Association and Student Wellness hosted Midnight Madness on Sept. 24.

BYU Midnight Madness is a marathon of different sports and physical activities that go from 10 p.m. until midnight. The purpose of this event is to show students all the sports facilities BYU has and to encourage the students to use them and socialize.  

“I love being a part of not just Midnight Madness, but also Student Wellness, because you get to see the best side of students getting together, having fun and just making friends,” BYU Student Wellness Coordinator Jessi Burns said.  

The event is held at the beginning of each school year late on a Friday night during the buildings’ after hours. This creates a party atmosphere. Because of COVID-19, this is the first time Midnight Madness has occurred in two years.  

One attraction that caught a lot of attention was the wheelchair basketball tournament that challenged regular basketball players.  

“It was super fun! I couldn’t play basketball before, but after this, I know how to play basketball now,” said YoRen Lo, a wheelchair basketball participant. 

Another of the favorites was the rock climbing where BYU students challenged gravity.  

“Tonight was great, got to do a lot of fun things, climb the wall, got to meet a lot of cool people, is great to have all of these social events, and it was awesome,” rock climbing participant Ryan Oldham said.

Students who didn’t make it to this event this year will have another opportunity next fall when Midnight Madness returns.

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