Education Week: The blessings of expounding the scriptures

Michael L. King shares insights on the blessings of expounding the scriptures during his Monday morning Education Week presentation. “The scriptures have the answers to defeating all temptation,” King said. (Addie Blacker)

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Retired seminary and institute instructor Michael L. King discussed the blessings from expounding the scriptures during his Education Week presentation Monday morning.

King defined expounding as explaining scripture concepts systematically and within an expanded perspective to obtain more understanding and deepen faith. King cited his upbringing in Oregon, largely devoid of other Latter-day Saints to learn from, as an early influence in his desire to learn more from the scripture material itself.

“The Lord impressed upon me the need to expound what was being taught to me,” King said.

King referenced several examples from the Savior’s life where He taught others through expounding the scriptures, including the stories of the road to Emmaus, Jonah’s mission to Ninevah and Christ’s ministry to the Nephites. King emphasized the importance of expounding by connecting the 200 years of peace among the Nephites as a direct result of applying and expounding the principles Christ had taught.

“Why expound the scriptures? Because that’s what Jesus has always done,” King said.

King used a metaphor of puzzle pieces throughout his remarks, saying that putting in the effort to expand the focus of expounding in study is like seeing every piece of the puzzle put together for a grand final product. King especially emphasized that there is no “filler” in the scriptures and that every verse or story has the opportunity to provide inspiration and insight.

Blessings from expounding the scriptures King promised included seeing the Savior in one’s daily life, receiving an increased flow of personal revelation, resisting temptation and enjoying virtue from the word of God. King specifically mentioned expounding the concepts of forgiveness and repentance as a great spiritual joy.

“The scriptures have the answers to defeating all temptation,” King said. “God always reveals how to overcome (the Adversary).”

Borrowing from the words of Book of Mormon prophet Alma, King testified that expounding the scriptures allows for individuals to enjoy the “greater portion” of the word, an opportunity which comes directly from learning by the Spirit.

“The more you study the scriptures, the closer you should feel to God,” King said. “The scriptures were designed to be a glue that connects us to our Father in Heaven.”

King closed with his testimony and invited the audience to “go where the water is deepest” in their studies.

“A lake is deepest where there is the most water, and doctrine is deepest where there is the most written about it,” King said. “As you study those deep topics and expound the scriptures, revelation will become living water for your soul.”

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