BYU opens milk and cookies bar in Wilkinson Student Center

Menu items from Milk and Cookie Bar on display. (Suzanne Cox)

BYU students entering the Cougareat might notice something different next to the bookstore. The milk and cookies bar, which opened Wednesday, Oct. 23, is ready for business.

The space is decorated with cool, subtle colors except for the neon blue sign displaying the shop’s name. The furniture is modern and comfortable. Students have the opportunity to sit in comfortable chairs, eat and even do homework, if they feel inclined.

One such student is Abby Goodman, a microbiology student who said she felt she deserved a treat after class. Goodman ordered a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie and a glass of milk, which came in a small plastic cup with a blue and brown straw.

“It’s like, a cute little cafe area,” Goodman said, “and both of these were like $4, so it’s pretty good.” 

Milk and cookies bar employee and English major Emmalee Bass said business has been good, especially with the recent grand opening. Bass recommends the peanut butter cookie, though she said the most popular is either the chocolate chip or the “make your own” option.

Grace Baker was also enjoying the food and environment. She went with the “Cosmookie,” which comes with your choice of cookie, chocolate or vanilla ice cream and caramel or chocolate sauce. She said she could spend excess meal plan funds wherever she liked and that the milk and cookies bar is her new place of choice.

The milk and cookies bar features specialty cookies and drinks and is expected to introduce other drinks, like hot chocolate, soon. The shop is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.

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