BYU opens a milk and cookie bar


PROVO- Brigham Young University will join the cookie rage as an entire milk and cookie bar opens this week in the student Wilkinson center. BYU is known for their wide variety of chocolate milk, but they’ve now added flavored whole milk and freshly baked cookies. 

Executive chef John McDonald says that it was time to change up the student center and keep BYU culture alive for the students. “Obviously cookies are very popular right now, but we wanted something that tied in our creamery and flavored milks so we decided on a cookie and milk concept,” he said.

The bar has up to six different cookie flavors with one specialty monthly special. This month, the feature cookie is pumpkin chocolate chip. Cookies can be created with up to three different flavors and are baked in just eight minutes. 

The bar also offers five different milk flavors on top of their already wide variety of chocolate milk. The milk and cookie bar opens Wednesday Oct 22 and hours are from 11am to 6pm.

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