Farmers market lets Provo residents support local vendors


LaVell Edwards Stadium hosts a local farmers market every fall, offering a convenient place for local farmers, craftsmen and aspiring small business owners to find success.

Many of the vendors have attended for over a decade. One of those long-time vendors is Kent Pyne from Santaquin. He’s a fourth-generation fruit grower whose family started growing orchards in Orem in 1906.

“I’ve been coming to this farmers market since 2011,” Pyne said. “It has been good every year. Every year it has improved.”

According to farmers market marketing intern Isabelle Kramer, local vendors like Pyne positively impact the community and the environment.

“A lot of these farmers are small farmers who are just a little more in touch with the land,” Kramer said. 

In addition to fresh produce, the farmers market also serves as a safe haven for local vendors to share their crafts and stories with the community. 

According to Tera Storch, a woman who recently restarted her jewelry business with her father following the death of her husband in 2018, the LaVell Edwards Stadium offers vendors a unique opportunity.

“We’ve done other (markets) before, but you have to pay up to $100 just to have a spot there. This market only costs $20,” she said.

The market also provides a place for new ideas and giving back to the community. Several people come to the market to do their grocery shopping. Marlene Esplin said she comes consistently with her children to do their weekly shopping.

“I come religiously. It’s close, and it’s easy,” Esplin said.

Those interested in exploring the farmers market and supporting local vendors can visit LaVell Edwards Stadium every Thursday from 3 to 7 p.m. until Oct. 31.

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