BYU Women’s Volleyball is still #1 in the nation after defeating their toughest competitors, the Santa Clara Broncos, last night.

Sportsline reporter, Kim Petersen, explained how these athletes are staying on top.

“Last night was a close game, but nothing can stop these cougars from digging their hardest,” Petersen said, “and with only one home game left, the team and fans are feeling pretty confident.”

Last night the cougars challenged their teamwork against the Broncos, a team that BYU hasn’t lost to since 2015.

Keeping with tradition, BYU beat the broncos in the first set, 28-26, the second set 25-17, and the third set 25-11.

Number 18, Mary Lake, said it was good to be challenged. “I’m really proud of how we kept our concentration and problem solved because there were some moments that we kind of played a little up and down, but the important thing was that we huddled together and we problem solved and we ended up having a really good match,” Lake said.

Fans said that it was exciting to watch their team in action. “The other team got a point, BYU got a point, the other team got a point, BYU got a point,” said BYU fan, Calvin Petersen. “It was just really close, and you could feel the tension in the air. Then they found their groove and they just dominated.”

With just one home game left, players agreed that they’ll need to stay focused and keep improving their teamwork.

The volleyball team’s last home game is tomorrow against San Francisco at 1 pm in the smith fieldhouse.

Seniors Lacy Haddock, Lyndie Haddock-Eppich, Roni Jones-Perry, Sydnie Martindale, and Danelle Stetler will be honored pregame for senior day.

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