Student managers work with the basketball team and help to make sure they are performing to the best of their ability. The managers are students and are there to help the team in their development. Rebounding for them, helping with drills, and even hopping into a play or two if they need the man power.

Cameron Macy, an assistant student manager, said, “As student managers, we’re here for their development.”

They help the team to warm-up at games as well and you can spot them on the sidelines.

Macy said, “You can see that during games, as well during practices, that we’re always making sure the guys are getting all their reps in and getting the amount of shots they can to be ready for games; but as well in the off season, that they are reaching that progress that they want that the coaches and themselves as players want to accomplish and achieve.”

For away games the head manager travels with the team and assists the coaches, acting as a one-man manager force. Macy said, “He is working with the team, making sure they are getting the stuff that they need to be ready for the game.”

The rest of the student managers help the part of the team that stays behind, for things such as injuries and players who are redshirted and help them.

Macy said, “Some guys do stay behind who can’t play or are redshirted, depending on the circumstances. We’ll work with them outside exclusively”

The managers devote themselves working long weeks and irregular hours. Cameron said, “Sometimes guys will want to work extra early, so we’ll wake up at 6 a.m. and go work out with them help them get their reps in for what they need.”

So what draws these managers to the team? Macy said it’s the feeling. “You’re out on the court and the fans are getting loud. And to be part of that experience. And that’s what really drove me to it.”

And of course, they are fans of the team.

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