Sisters, Arissa and Aubrielle Paulson, both play for the BYU softball team. Aubrielle is a freshman and just joined the team, while Arissa is a junior, and they are excited to play together. Aubrielle Paulson said, “I’m very excited. I’m especially excited to be playing with my sister.”

Arissa said, “It’s a lot of fun, and just looking out there sometimes I’ll start laughing because she’s kind of goofy.”

Though Aubrielle just joined the team she says she already feels very welcome and accepted by the other players. Aubrielle said, “I met a lot of the team before, and so they kind of already knew me. I’d been around for a while, and I kind of feel like everyone’s little sister. I call them all mom, and they call me daughter.”

Arissa feels like she replaced the role of her older sister, Arianna, who also played on the team as a pitcher but just recently graduated.

Arissa said, “I guess I took over my older sisters role cause she was here before I came in. She showed me all the things with school and softball and how that all worked, and I get the turn to do that for my younger sister.”

They say their passion for softball comes from their dad. He started coaching softball years ago, and it became a bonding activity for him and his daughters as they grew up. Aubrielle said, “When I was a little girl, my two older sisters would be pitching with my dad and I’d get really jealous they were spending time with him and I wasn’t. So, I just walk out there in my flip flops and be like ‘that’s it I’m going to pitch’.”

Miller Field is where the girls will play all their home games, and where we as fans can come cheer them on. While their season doesn’t start until spring, they are playing games against various teams in the area this fall.

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