Top 7 classes students don’t know exist at BYU

Stephanie Rhodes
A tent is set up near Squaw Peak in an area overlooking Utah Valley. Many student don’t know that camping related classes exist at BYU. (Stephanie Rhodes)

San Diego State University is offering a rather unique new class based solely around reasons why President Donald Trump should be removed from office. The class will explore “grounds for impeachment, removal, or indictment.”

While you won’t find classes based on impeaching Trump at BYU, the university does offer a wide variety of interesting classes that many students don’t know about. Here are seven classes most students don’t know exist:

  1. Latter Day Saints in Wartime — Rel C 393R: This elusive class discusses the LDS church’s involvement in various wars, and highlights influential LDS leaders during military conflict.
  2. Archaeology Field Trip — Anthro 103: This class is based on one giant field trip. Students visit Four Corners National Monument to learn history out in the field.
  3. Newspaper Arabic — Arab 302: The class title says it all — the class is based on reading Arabic newspapers, and learning to understand them. Newspaper-based language classes are not available for most other languages offered at BYU.
  4. Dance Improvisation — Dance 363R: Have you ever felt the music at a party and wanted to bust out some dance moves, but weren’t sure how to do it? This may be the class for you.
  5. Dinosaurs — Geol 100: An entire class dedicated to dinosaurs. In addition to learning the difference between a T-Rex and a triceratops, students will learn how religion and science go hand in hand.
  6. Camping Skills — Recm 223R: While the name of the class may not imply it, this is a cooking class! Students here learn to prepare eight different dutch oven dishes, and learn how to keep their camping utensils in top condition.
  7. Beginning Scuba Diving — Stac 175: The perfect class to take before a trip to the Bahamas or a transfer to BYU Hawaii.

The amount of credits for these classes vary, but including just one of these promises to make your next semester experience incredible.

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