Cougarettes’ halftime performance with Cosmo goes viral

BYU Cougarettes
The team’s rendition of “Rolex” by Ayo and Teo at last week’s halftime was a hit. (BYU Cougarettes)

The BYU Cougarettes’ halftime performance with Cosmo from the Boise State football game has gone viral.

The dance, choreographed by the team’s captains to the tune of “Rolex” by Ayo and Teo, gained national attention after being shared by high profile media outlets.

The Bleacher Report Instagram video alone has almost one million views, with other outlets sharing the video as well on other platforms.

We are shocked about how big it’s become,” said co-captain Shay Edwards. “We were just having a fun time out there with Cosmo, and for it to get blown up viral like this is really amazing.”

The Cougarettes are 16-time national champions and are technically proficient in several types of dance, though their most popular has quickly become hip-hop.

The entire team began practicing dance at the age of three and have danced with studios and in school their whole lives. They all expressed a great love for dance and enjoy the opportunity to choreograph and dance to any new music.

“We, (the three captains), got together in the girls’ locker room and we started playing around with it,” said co-captain Nicole Thorley. “We choreographed it two hours, taught it to the team in a day and worked on it for two or three practices.”

The team was quick to give praise to Cosmo, the anonymous mascot who also happens to be graduating this year.

“He works incredibly hard,” said Thorley of their feline friend. “He has to have so much stamina and endurance because you kind of can’t breathe through the mask. He’s able to put in tricks as well which is another whole level.”

The team was interviewed by Inside Edition this morning in a segment that will air tonight at 6:30 p.m. MDT on CBS.

“We just want people to see how much fun we have,” said co-captain Emery Wright.
“We consider ourselves ambassadors for our school, so just the fact that we get to share our talent with the country and everybody who’s seen this video is honestly just amazing.”

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