Readers’ Forum Mar. 22


A more majestic destiny

If ever a sincere and deeply-felt frustration, even a fiery and righteous indignation, with the condition and direction of the United States, our “city upon a hill,” happens to coincide with the appearance of an arrogant, vulgar, foolish, ridiculous, hateful, and fearful megalomaniac who will stroke the nation’s vanity, beware.

In this case we should all then tend carefully the tugs of political attachment, at the very least recalling Alexander Pope’s stern and doleful warning:

Vice is a monster of so frightful mien

As to be hated needs but to be seen;

Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,

We first endure, then pity, then embrace.

America’s destiny is more majestic than this, and the better angels of our nature demand it.

— Chris Stevenson
Purcellville, Virginia

A bid for Bernie

True power is to multiply your power by the hundreds, thousands or millions.

True power is money, the ability to control Congress by preserving a system where they must rely on you to sponsor their re-election campaigns. True power comes from creating the laws of the land through the politicians you control.  True power is manipulating the knowledge and perception of the masses, by holding their attention through corporate-owned media and advertisements. The truly powerful multiply their power by controlling the masses.

How do we free ourselves from control by the powerful elite?

Education vs. ignorance

Passion vs. apathy

Open-mindedness vs. narrow-mindedness

Love vs. anger

Compassion vs. resentment

Hope vs. defeatism

Activism vs. complacency

Humility vs. arrogance

Self-examination vs. hypocrisy

Attention vs. dismissal

Forgiveness vs. blame

I ask that every Bernie Sanders supporter embody values that empower and avoid behaviors that enslave. Push back against the commanding influence of Super PACs, corporate media and establishment politics with tenacity and virtue. Visit one of the Bernie Sanders campaign offices in Lehi or Salt Lake City, or look up canvassing events on Bernie Sanders’ website and caucus on Tuesday, March 22nd.  Let’s pull a “Michigan,” and bring in the highest voter turnout in Utah history!

— Carly Ferrin
Orem, Utah

Problems with the ROC line

We have a problem here on campus. It has nothing to do with caffeine or the Honor Code.  It doesn’t even have to do with the church. The problem is what is referred to as the “ROC line.” It is a relatively new tradition on campus that, from the outside, looks extremely successful. It has raised the image of the student section from an external perspective. It has also given the best seats to the most passionate fans.

However, when one looks deeper into the subject, we see that there are a few problems that the “ROC line” inflicts upon students that strive to support their university’s athletics.

The first is that these students are required to sacrifice multiple hours (sometimes days) of study time, in addition to game time, to obtain the coveted seats. Students at this prestigious university cannot afford to spend this much time in line.

The second problem is that, often times, students have to endure the severe weather conditions of Provo, Utah that cause many students to get sick. This line is forcing students to make the decision of supporting athletics or doing their best academically and staying healthy. Students are struggling to effectively balance these two priorities in their life.

We need to limit the start time of the “ROC line” to an hour before doors open in order to ensure that students are not spending valuable academic time in line.

— Jeffrey Mohler
Las Vegas, Nevada

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