BYU Triathlon Club helps aspiring athletes go the distance


Swim a mile. Then dry off, get on a bike and ride 25 miles. After that, run 10 miles. Now do it for fun.

The BYU Triathlon Club stands triumphant after participating in a triathlon at Lake Havasu City. The club welcomes anyone who wants to participate. (Jeff Griffiths)

The BYU Triathlon Club embraces these insane tests of physicality and fitness as its members ride, train and run together. The club currently consists of about 20 students, providing a place for the university’s athletes to showcase their skills in running, biking and swimming. The triathlon demonstrates athletic ability and physical prowess. But just because the sport demands the most from its athletes doesn’t meant it’s exclusive.

“The team really is put together with a whole spectrum of people,” said Jeff Griffiths, vice president of the BYU Triathlon Club. “We not only want to introduce new people to the sport, but we want to take those that are already in the sport and help them to get better.”

According to Tanner Robinson, who joined last year, practices can start at 6 a.m. with additional practices in the evening.

“Usually the morning workouts are one type of training, and then we do another in the evening,” Robinson said. “We try to race pretty competitively, and that comes out in our training. There’s a race each semester that we train for as a team, but we compete individually.”

Senior Alexis Chamberlain, who is new to triathlons, recommends the sport and the club to everyone. “It’s a really great group of people, and I’ve made a ton of friends from it. I love the variety in the training,” she said.

Chamberlain was a runner in high school but didn’t learn how to swim laps until she joined the club and started to participate in training. She was impressed by the amount of help she received from the other more experienced members of the team.

Robinson mentioned the sense of teamwork and partnership the club shares. “One of the things that I love most about the club is the team camaraderie. It reminds me of high school and that team atmosphere. You get that feeling again, and I love it,” she said.

The team shares so much respect for one another because there are no coaches. It is all on the members to help each other and lift each other up.

Chamberlain said anyone can join and urges those who might be interested to take that leap and give it a try. “If anyone wants to join, it’s super easy. Most people think they can’t because they are out of shape or something. I joined in January and just did my first triathlon; so if anyone wants to join the team, don’t worry. We will help you.”

The BYU Triathlon club can be found on Facebook or contacted by email at .

“We would love to have new members,” Griffiths said.

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