Skipping breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The current fast-paced culture we find ourselves in encourages a quick and convenient breakfast instead of a filling and satisfying meal. People often turn to granola bars or snacks that leave them hungry before lunch and encourage all-day snacking. Some think that eating a small breakfast will help them lose weight because they are eating fewer calories, but the snacking it encourages adds up to more calories in a day. A well-balanced breakfast will kickstart your metabolism and help you burn unwanted fat throughout your day. A good breakfast should include a good source of protein, whole grains and fiber and should avoid saturated fats and too much sugar. The benefits to a good breakfast, especially for college students, include alertness during class, the ability to process difficult topics and, in the long run, actually saves money, because snacking comes at a price. It has been proven that students that eat breakfast often have better grades and do better in their classes. Do yourself a favor, and wake up 10 minutes earlier to supply your body with the most important nutrients of the day.

Brandon Carter
Bakersfield, California

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