Stop the knot


According to Business Insider, BYU ranked number one for having both brains and beauty. It naturally follows that here at the University we care about the latest fashion trends and hair styles. But how far is too far when it comes to keeping up with the current fads?

According to the Honor Code men should keep their hair neat and clean by “avoiding extreme styles or colors, (keeping it) trimmed above the collar, and leaving the ear uncovered.” With all the hipster hype of the top knot rendition of the man bun, we need to evaluate the spirit and letter of the law. In the literal dictation of the Honor Code our top knot friends may be staying in accordance with the law, but when the meager rubber band is removed their hair becomes less than kosher. The unknotted top knot often reaches far below the ear. The style may disguise hair length, but I do not believe that hair length can be deemed inappropriate or not based on the fashion it is worn in.

If it is too long in its raw form, then it is always too long regardless of if it is in a bun. If a girl is wearing shorts that are shorter than the dress code allows, they are not made appropriate by pulling them far down as she walks into the Testing Center. The same concept applies to men and their hair. As Twitter is currently trending, #stoptheknot. We can do it together.

Katie Ridge
Yucaipa, California

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