Star walk-ons


PROVO — Football fans, dry your eyes. Your next taste of Bronco ball won’t be until August. Spring practice wrapped up Friday with the alumni day scrimmage, a chance for many walk-ons to strut their cougar tails one more time.

Star walk-on Nate Carter doesn’t have a scholarship. He says he loves football, but BYU stole his heart a long time ago. It’s the only place he would play–something he calls a labor of love.

“You know I’m paying for school myself and everything, when I stop loving it and stop coming to practice that’s when I’ll stop, but right now I love it,” Carter said.

But on-field football doesn’t limit his off-field school performance

“Busy people get things done,” Carter said.

Carter is quick to hand out some high fives to fellow walk-ons Mitchell and Garrett–the Juergens brothers.

“We were always a packaged deal, there would be no way we would split up, and we knew that we decide together where we will go and BYU is it so we made a goal to work out hardest and come walk on at BYU,” Mitchell said.

“And when you give you best and give everything to the team, you’re putting in extra hours, then good things happen,” Garrett said.

The Juergens say BYU football teaches you how to live a good life, and that’s what’s the most important to them.

The players say this year will be their hardest schedule yet. From what they saw at the spring practices, they expect a great fall season.

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