Spikeball sensation


PROVO — There’s a new sport in town. Spikeball is probably unlike any other sport you’ve seen. Spikeball is a bunch of different sports rolled into one. Teams of two face off around a small net to get the border-less game started. Spikeball player Travis Carter says the game is simple because it only has one objective.

“The most important thing about spikeball is you have to get it on the net. We have it pretty taught, you can have it more loose for more relaxed spike ball because you can’t hit it as far,” Carter said.

Spikeballer Steele Ayers says he loves the game because it’s so different.

“I like spikeball because it’s a novel sport. It’s kind of a mix between ping pong and volleyball, but honestly it’s just not the same. Just the fact it’s unique, I love to play,” Ayers said.

Players say the game can be played anywhere and it’s really easy to set up.

“It’s in a smaller setting, you only need four guys and it gets you out and running around and it’s just a lot of fun,” Jeff Michaelis, spikeball player, said.

The game is mostly played on the west coast where there’s a lot of surf and a lot more sand. But even the players out here in Utah don’t mind sacrificing a few grass stains to get that perfect spike.

“Just getting that huge cherry bomb. You just nail it on the net and it just goes flying,” Trevor Gonthier, spikeball player, said.

Whether it’s on the sunny beaches of California or the rainy mountains in Utah, this game is growing one spike at a time.

Visit the official USA Spikeball website to learn more.

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