Rated ‘R’ for regret


According to some Latter-day Saints, including roommates of mine who had hoped to serve missions, members of the LDS Church ought to be more willing to watch R-rated films, because “We live in an R-rated world. There’s nothing in those movies that we haven’t seen in real life. If anything, R-rated movies prepare us for what’s out there in the world.”

That’s absolutely true … that is if you discount the basic LDS principle of being “in the world and not of the world.” Furthermore, we cannot control the condition of the world, and thus we are not held responsible for it. We can, however, control what entertainment we invite into our lives.

Further excuses such as, “No one was ever sent to hell for hearing one little dirty joke,” are inappropriate. These films are offensive to the Holy Ghost and the Savior who died on the cross for us. Yes, the Atonement covers these transgressions, and repentance is always possible, but that’s the same as spending every dime on gambling because you know your mother will sell her house for money to support you if your venture doesn’t “pay off.”

One could find any excuse to normalize the idea of watching an inappropriate movie, but permitting to watch inappropriate content is not without its consequences, and missionaries would be better prepared to preach the gospel if they can learn to turn away when the film they’re viewing is offensive.

Zachary Miller

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