BYU cheerleaders on the road

BYU Spirit Squad during the WCC men's basketball championship game. (Tori Crane)
The BYU Spirit Squad performs during the 2015 WCC men’s basketball championship game in Las Vegas. (Tori Crane)

The BYU Spirit Squad travels during the year for tournaments, games and various competitions. They are always there to support the Cougars, no matter how far from Provo.

“I love getting to watch our athletes do what they love while I get to do what I love,” cheerleader Taylor Lawrence said.

The cheerleaders’ first priority is to cheer on the athletes and help them perform the best they can.

“We come to support our teams, and we work all year long to be able to showcase our skills as well, but we’re doing it to encourage the crowds and cheer for our teams,” cheerleader Cameron Larsen said. “That’s what BYU cheerleading is all about is supporting our school.”

The cheerleaders traveled to Las Vegas for the 2015 WCC Tournament to support the men’s and women’s basketball teams. They had the opportunity to meet fans from other schools and cheer on BYU in their fight for the championship title.

BYU cheerleader Molly Harmon high-fives a BYU fan during the 2015 WCC championship game. (Tori Crane)
BYU cheerleader Molly Harmon high-fives a BYU fan during the 2015 WCC men’s basketball championship game in Las Vegas. (Tori Crane)

“My favorite part about traveling for tournaments is seeing how ready our teams come to play and how they play so well,” cheerleader Brock Hadley said.

The BYU women’s basketball team claimed the 2015 WCC Championship title, and the support the Spirit Squad brought to the arena was a big help.

“The players said when we chanted their names they started making more baskets,” Lawrence said. “When you don’t get that support you need, it’s harder to perform to your best.”

Guard Morgan Bailey approached the cheerleaders after the game to thank them for the spirit and energy they brought that motivated the players throughout their tournament journey, according to the cheerleaders.

“Its a big privilege for us to be here because of the impact we can have on the team, and I feel privileged to be able to support them and see the difference we can make for them,” cheerleader Torin Carver said. “Leading the cheer with the crowd gets the team motivated to play their best.”

BYU has a lot of support outside of Provo, according to Hadley. These trips also turn into an opportunity for the cheerleaders to represent BYU for those who don’t know the Cougars.

The athletes and cheerleaders represent BYU on the road and help people put a face to the university, according to coach Jocelyn Allan.

“It’s really neat when we travel, because that’s when the real representation of BYU comes out for (the cheerleaders), when we are outside of Provo,” Allan said. “That light that is inside of them comes out even brighter. They want to be good representatives of BYU, and they carry that BYU light with them.”

Since the squad moves around a lot, it has a few traditions that keep that light inside of them burning bright and unites them when they are away. They hold nightly devotional every night during a trip and always visit the nearest LDS temple.

“We are able to come together not only through the unity of winning a game but on a spiritual level as well,” Larsen said. “That’s what sets BYU apart.”

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