Top 3 BYU NCAA Tournament appearances


BYU has been awarded an at-large birth to face Ole Miss in the First Four Tournament game on Tuesday. The winner will then go on to face Xavier in the round of 64.

Now that BYU is in the tournament, let’s take a look into history to see just how well BYU has fared in the past. Here is a list of the top three BYU Mens Basketball NCAA tournament appearances of all time:

3. 1991 NCAA Tournament

BYU makes it to the second round of the Tournament. BYU loses to Arizona, 76-61.

Tournament Highlights:

  • #10 seed BYU upsets #7 seed Virginia in the first round, 61-48

Key Player:

  • Shawn Bradley

2.  2011 NCAA Tournament

BYU makes it to the regional semifinal game against Florida. BYU loses to Florida 83-74

Tournament Highlights:

  • BYU defeats Wofford in first round, 74-66
  • BYU defeats Gonzaga in second round, 89-67

Key Player:

  • Jimmer Fredette

1. 1981 NCAA Tournament

BYU makes it to the regional final game against Virginia. BYU loses 74-60.

Tournament Highlights:

  • BYU defeats Princeton in first round, 60-51
  • BYU defeats UCLA in second round, 78-55
  • BYU defeats Notre Dame in regional semifinal, 51-50

Key Player:

  • Danny Ainge

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