Cougarettes in Concert


The 13-time National Champion BYU Cougarettes know how to entertain any audience.

The BYU Cougarettes are currently performing Cougarettes In Concert at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo February 19–21. The performance showcases the many talented sides of the dancers and features a variety of inspirational dance numbers.

“We always want to leave an audience feeling entertained and inspired,” Cougarette Director Jodi Maxfield said.

The show mixes many different styles of dance that give the audience a taste of inspirational, motivational and romantic emotions. The Cougarettes are able to portray their passion for dance and expertise as a team through their unison and chemistry on stage.

The concert also features two special numbers. One dance features three of the Cougarettes playing piano, violin and singing as the rest of the team dances alongside them.

“I knew that we had a lot of talent beyond dancing in this group,” Maxfield said. “It was a great opportunity to showcase the depth of their talents and what we can really do, and it made it so special to use our own musicians to accompany our dancing.”

The other special number features 6-year-old cancer patient Taleah Stevenson. Stevenson dances with her aunt, Cougarette Tavia Orr, in a piece to represent her fight against cancer with the constant support of her loving mother.

“It is awesome to see (Stevenson and Orr) out there and so touching; every time I watch it it makes me feel something so deep,” Cougarette Savannah Martin Thompson said. “We all have hardships, but it’s cool that she got to share hers with us and touch us all with her life story.”

The Cougarettes perform with different styles and emotions to please everyone.

“It’s awesome to see the talent of the girls on my team and show them off,” Thompson said. “We get to do everything like spiritual numbers and then also hip hop. It makes it so versatile and so fun to do.”

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