Nobody’s perfect


I have been hearing some people harp on guys who aren’t clean shaven every day. A year ago I wouldn’t have even noticed it, but now I’m passing at least one couple where the young man is chastised.

Nobody here is perfect. Some of us may be able to follow guidelines to the letter, and some others have always been fairly relaxed about such things. Perspectives, cultures and experiences will always divide us on what one party may see as absolute but what another may see as flexible. We shouldn’t chastise a group because they sin differently than we do.

We are approaching a season where fingers will be pointed in all directions but to ourselves. Scruff, leggings, yoga pants, spandex tops, etc. will be seen everywhere. Please do not chastise one who falls within this category if you yourself do, or even if you’re in a “minor” violation. It’s not cool, and you’re not helping the individual by calling them out.

Kent Coble
Weatherford, Texas

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