Marriage: Destroying friendships


One by one it happens. Marriage shoots its arrows at our friends’ hearts and locks them into an eternal separation from their friends. Almost instantly from the temple doors and into the getaway car, we lose our friends as they begin to diminish from our social lives into a more subtle, once-a-quarter basketball game or even the, ‘Hey, I need help moving!’ When we take a moment, we realize that we, as the friends, have been forgotten.

Solutions to this issue aren’t easy, but what I would suggest to help out is for married couples to contemplate and take into consideration their friends and how they will be able to continue a supportive lifestyle to them after they are married. Sometimes a night out with friends is a good way to refresh us. My suggestion is, we, as the friends, receive the husband for certain holidays.
We treasure our friends. We love their advice, compliments and service towards us. Marriage is sometimes used as an excuse to be lazy with keeping in touch with friends, but there are ways we can continue to be close with each other. To be an active and effective friend in this life, we must continue our social ties through service and love, and that comes with keeping our friendships tight knit. Although there will be changes and differences, we can do better in being friends that can depend and trust each other.

David Hernandez
Dumas, Texas

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