Focusing on real issues


Ebola hits primetime news, and the world goes into a frenzy. Complete panic strikes America, and we go into precaution mode. We are donating money to fight the cause and prevent its impact. But what about world hunger?

With no known cure for Ebola, how can this be a more pressing problem than world hunger? There are millions of people starving in the world on a daily basis, yet we hear nothing about it these days. We know the cure for world hunger, yet we choose to ignore it. Should our time and money not go toward a crisis that has been around for longer, kills more people and hits closer to home?
Mitt Romney recently spoke on campus, and in his forum he talked about what we as students can do to be responsible citizens of this great country; well here’s our chance. As students at a private religious institution we should be on the frontline of giving aid to world hunger. We preach of charity, welfare and service. Contributing to helping world hunger is a viable opportunity we have to share our time and resources in order to help the greatest number of people.

As humans we tend to focus on what’s happening right here and right now. Instead, we should focus on the long-term problems that can be solved, instead of the problems that have no solutions. It’s time to forget about the trends of society and focus on the real needs of the world.

Aaron McReynolds
Sydney, Australia

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