Softball’s biggest comeback in program history

Gordy Bravo squares-up to the plate.
Gordy Bravo squares-up to the plate to prepare for a pitch. (Photo by Chris Bunker)

The Cougars found themselves 10 runs behind the Bengals starting at the bottom of the third inning, but they still had a miracle win.

“I told the team it was sort of a defining moment for us,” said BYU head coach Gordon Eakin. “Were we going to continue to flounder, or were we going to come out and play like we’re capable of playing?”

Idaho State senior Terah Blackwell created havoc for BYU in the first inning. Blackwell homered to left field for three RBIs. BYU was unable to respond.

In the second, senior Ashley Thompson handed the game over to senior Carly Duckworth to pitch with bases loaded. Duckworth’s first pitch was a single and a RBI for ISU. The Bengals’ junior, Vicky Galasso, singled with two RBIs, and Blackwell once again homered for three RBI. Once again, the Cougars were unable to respond.

ISU’s Galasso and Blackwell singled to put runners on first and second. Junior Hailey Breakwell doubled to cross Galasso and take a 10-point lead over BYU. BYU’s Sydney Broderick, a freshman, homered for two RBI to change the momentum.

“It felt really good,” said Broderick. “I really turned on it and connected with it.”

BYU ended the inning with freshman Mckenzie St. Clair doubling to cross a runner, decreasing ISU’s lead to seven.

ISU didn’t score again in the game, and BYU took control in the fourth with Broderick tripling for an RBI.

In the fifth, junior Megan Arnold homered for two RBI to make the score 7-10.

With bases loaded, Thompson walked to cross a runner. St. Clair then doubled for two RBI and tied the game 10-10. Freshman Mercedes O’Connor singled for the game-winning score.

BYU also won its second game against ISU 9-2. Freshman Mckenna Bull was sick and planning to rest. Eakin asked her to play despite not feeling well, which she did. Bull really showed some grit, retiring nine batters.

“My hat’s off to Mckenna,” Eakin said.

In the first inning, junior Lacey Millett Hofstedt walked and then proceeded to steel second and third. Manuma walked, and St. Clair doubled to cross Hofstedt. O’Connor singled and brought Manuma home. St. Clair scored on a throwing error.

ISU scored twice in the second, one RBI and another on a passed ball. Broderick hit a triple to get an RBI.

Neither team scored in the third inning. During the fourth, sophomore Gordy Bravo singled hard up the middle for another BYU RBI.

The Bengals had five errors, opposed to none for BYU. On one error during the fifth, Duckworth, St. Clair and O’Connor scored. BYU scored another run with a sacrifice pop fly to make the score 9-2.

The Cougars and the Bengals played another two innings without scoring to end the game.

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