Re: Filing taxes


Regarding the article entitled “Filing taxes: Ten things every college student should know”

I was upset that the first point of advice was that if a person is single, under 65, and makes less than $10,000 a year that that person does not need to file taxes. This is upsetting because 1) chances are high that if said person were to file taxes that they would actually get a tax return and 2) if said person were wanting to apply for financial aid (which includes Pell Grant, subsidized, and unsubsidized loans), then they would undoubtedly need to file their taxes.

Another aspect of the article that upset me is with regards to point 3 about taking advantage of free resources. For the past five years I have successfully filed my taxes using the free filing on H&B Block. However, that was no where mentioned in the article.

Just my twopence.
Madison Mercer Pearce
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