The track show


With the onset of cold, winter-­like weather, I am quite chagrined about having to give up one of my new favorite pastimes: watching young, male, Olympic-style students strut their stuff in their royal blue short shorts. I don’t even have to exit my car to enjoy the view. These young men run right along Canyon Road for all to see. I sometimes feel like motioning to the other drivers, “Hey, runners at three o’clock!” I admit, I am getting along in years, and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be, but I can still see well enough to know that the covers of romance novels don’t compare. The sight of those bulging six-­packs and buns of steel are a wonder to behold!

It has occurred to me that maybe these shirtless specimens on display should try and cover up just a little. After all, they probably do cause accidents. But I wouldn’t want to deny any impressionable co-eds the immense pleasure these young men provide. Where else could they see something this good? Besides, I wouldn’t want to miss this for the world!

I am therefore patiently abiding this cold, uneventful winter until warm weather returns and I can once again behold the wonder of track and field. Come spring I will be sure to watch. You might notice me loitering along the sidewalk with a lawn chair, popcorn, and binoculars. When the show begins, I’ll be waiting. I might be old, but these young whippersnappers make even this fifty-­year-­old Cougar want to rise up and shout! Go, BYU!

Jill Mendez
Provo, Utah

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