Exercise for the body and mind


Walking to the library is what most students do to prepare for tests, but some students enjoy taking a dip in the pool or a jog at the gym instead.

“I think it’s wonderful,” says BYU pilates instructor Heather Slater. “I think exercise in any way is wonderful for stress because you’re getting rid of that negative energy … and being able to better focus.”

Stress is something many BYU students will face in the next few weeks while preparing for finals. Student Wellness offers a lot of fitness and aerobic classes and activities that give students opportunities to burn off that stress by taking a break from studying.

Mat Pilates is one class BYU Aerobics and Fitness offers that focuses on stretching, breathing, and relaxing to create a full mind-and-body workout. Instructors help students focus on body awareness and concentrate on the here and now.

“Yeah, I feel like it keeps my life more in balance,” says Senior pilates guru Morgan Garlock, “so I’m able to concentrate better when I’m studying and just really able to focus on my learning.”

So, if you hit a wall cramming and need a break from tackling the textbooks, head over to room 112 in the Richards Building to break a sweat and find out what activities Student Wellness has to offer.

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