Ski resorts open early


Ski season is finally here. Brighton Ski Resort opened up early after the snow storm this weekend.

There are a few thin spots on the slopes, but that is to be expected at the beginning of the ski season. Other than that, the slopes are looking great.

Imagine flying down a snowy mountainside, frigid air piercing your face as you wind through trees. You don’t have to imagine anymore. The open slopes are calling your name.

Jared Winkler, Marketing head for Brighton, says of Brighton being the first to open, “We don’t really set an opening day. We just kind of wing it and keep all of our staff on standby and when we get enough snow to open, we’ll open.”

Most resorts keep staff on-hand, ready to open once the snow comes. Brighton opened around Halloween one year.

Brighton got 4 fresh feet of snow and prompted them to open early. The snowboarders and skiiers say they’re enjoying every inch of it.

Chris Chandler, a skier, says, “Any time we’re skiing before Thanksgiving, its fantastic…the conditions were really good.”

Employees hurried to get the resort ready after the snowfall, which Shelby Hanni is grateful for.

“It felt amazing to finally get back up here,” Hanni said.

You can hear the shouts of glee echo off the mountain side as people race down the hill. Smiling faces can’t hide behind goggles and ski masks.

“Oh, today so far everybody’s been having a blast. There’s been a lot of excited people from our staff (and) from our guests. Everybody’s just happy,” says Winkler.

With more snow in the forecast for the weekend, every flake means a deeper base.

Other Utah ski resorts are following Brighton’s lead. Solitude is right next door to Brighton and opened its slopes yesterday. If you would like to know more about Utah Ski Resorts, go to

Snowbird, Alta and Park City Mountain will open this weekend. Sundance will open December 7.

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