Veteran Derby


Small wooden cars flew by in American Fork as the community honored our men and women in uniform.

Some people came for the fast food while others came for the fast cars. But for everyone, it was a chance to pay respects to servicemen and women.

Sergeant Bric Simpson was one of the servicemen at the Veteran’s Day celebration. “Most of us know what it’s like to be deployed, missing our family, missing home,” he said, speaking of the soldiers with him at the event.

Simpson is a local recruiter for the Utah National Guard. “Nobody that wears this uniform feels like anybody owes them anything, but it’s just neat to have someone shake your hand and say thank you.”

On Veterans day, with one of the world’s longest pinewood derby tracks, Simpson and other servicemen joined the Boy Scouts.

Boy Scout Field Director in Utah County Michael Plowman said, “We’d like to get more Scouts involved, especially with our veterans.”

Chick-fil-A hosted the event. “I wanted the kids to be side by side with some of the military personnel,” Chick-fil-A owner and operator Dusty Pyne said.

Community members were invited to come and enjoy some fast food while watching fast cars zoom by on the tracks.

From the time Scouts got out of school until after sundown, the tracks were full of cars with different designs, bright colors and speed.

Chick-fil-A also offered free meals to veterans, police officers and fire fighters.

After a flag raising ceremony from servicemen and then some racing, Boy Scouts led community members in the “Pledge of Allegiance” before retiring an old flag.

Even with all of the food, fun and cars, perhaps the highlight of the evening was the opportunity for participants to give thanks to veterans.

This event also gave servicemen like Simpson to mirror his sentiments, “it’s not about us…it’s about serving our community and we appreciate you too.”

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