The home field


There is always something special about having home field advantage. Friends, family and fans are all there to support their players. This last Saturday, members of the BYU Women’s Soccer team didn’t let the snowstorm stop them; they continue dominating at home with a victory in the first round of the playoffs over in-state rival Utah state.

“Home field advantage is huge for our team; we really feed off the energy that our fans bring,” said BYU’s goalie, Erica Owens.

The Cougars will have home field advantage through the third round and all the way to the semifinals if they continue their success.  This means the Cougars have a chance to make it to the Final Four and if their record at home is any preview to what will happen, the Cougars will go.  At 11-0-1 at home this season, the Cougars have dominated at home.  Better yet, the NCAA is hosting the tournament in San Diego where the Cougars have already had success. They took down conference foe the San Diego Toreros earlier in the season and face no surprises if they make it all the way there.

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