Gas prices drop for holidays


If you plan on driving over the river and through the woods this Thanksgiving, gas companies have you in mind. An increase in supply is bringing oil prices down.Over the last three months, the average price of gas in Utah has dropped thirteen cents to $3.70 per gallon. Holiday travelers like Aubrey Schrag feel this is good news. Each year, Schrag makes the drive from Salt Lake City to his parents’ home in Kansas, and he feels the price pinch at the pump. “I have noticed it at least going down. This is the lower season so that helps, especially for traveling home. I’d say that it’s manageable at least for myself right now. But it’s definitely tough, and it adds up,” he said.

Schrag says he is happy that gas prices are going down, but even if they weren’t, he would still plan on driving. He says it’s easier on his wallet.

“For me … driving ended up being cheaper than flying. Flight prices have been going up in the last few years, which has really been making a difference,” says Schrag.

Not all the news is great. According to a recent AAA report, Utah has some of the highest gas prices in the nation. The national average for regular unleaded gas is 3.43 per gallon, 27 cents less than ours. That difference can have a huge effect on student travelers like Erika Leigh. Leigh says, “I guess there is always hope that it will get better. But it would be nice if it could get better faster.”

Experts say we should continue to see prices drop through December, and we may even see prices less than three dollars before Christmas.

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