No Shave November


All this month, you may see men sporting mustaches who would normally not even consider having facial hair. In some cases, it may not be a fashion statement, but an effort to bring awareness to an often forgotten problem: prostate cancer.

The Selleck, the Monopoly Man, and of course the Ron Swanson all are styles of mustaches you may see on men participating in mustache November or Movember. However, this month isn’t just about supporting manly style. James Greenlaw participates in Movember every year.  “Movember is prostate cancer awareness month, just like breast cancer awareness month, except…instead of wearing pink or something like that, they (men) all grow their mustaches out,” said Greenlaw.

Movember is much more to Greenlaw than just not shaving to make his wife mad. “My grandfather has it. It’s in my family and I have the potential of getting it. It’s very real. I’m very aware of it,” he said.

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Greenlaw has even rallied his friends to this cause. Each November they shave on the first and then let their mustaches grow for the next 30 days. When it’s all over, they reward themselves by getting a classic style shave at a barbershop.

Greenlaw and his friends engage in manly mustache related competition, like Monopoly and sporting different styles of mustaches.

Jason Dalley is one of Greenlaw’s friends that is participating this year. “Oh it’s a blast…to have the unity amongst friends (and to) have the competitions of who can grow out the gnarliest stache. I think it’s definitely one of the more fun parts of the month,” says Greenlaw.

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