Batty tops the nation


Miles Batty, former BYU Men’s Track and Field athlete, is an example that everyone can look up to.  Batty proves successful as an athlete, in academics, and in the community. The NCAA ranks him as one of the top dogs in the nation.

Batty seems to always take care of business and the NCAA agrees.  The organization awarded him the Today’s Top Ten award that ranks him among the top division one student athletes in the nation.  The award recognizes those who excel in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the community. Only six other Cougars have ever done this well.

“It’s a great honor again…hearing some of the other…athletes that have won the award and it’s great to be able to be in that same circle,” said Batty.

Batty graduated with a double-major in Exercise Science and Neuroscience.  This is no small task when you’re also a national champion record-setting runner.  He says it took hard work and dedication to achieve his goals both in the classroom and on the track.

Head Track and Field Coach Mark Robison says it’s an honor when a student athlete is recognized for something more than just athletic ability. Robison expressed his satisfaction for when student athletes realize that academics are important, as well as being a contributing citizen in one’s community.

Batty graduated with honors and finished his career at BYU with more than 25 awards in athletics and academics. That ranks him as one of the most dedicated student athletes in BYU history.  Batty is now fulfilling his athletic dreams by running professionally.

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