Bigger and better


BYU Women’s Basketball is going big this season. When it comes to centers and forwards, their height puts them literally above the rest, but it’s not just their size that sets them apart. These Cougars make big things happen on the court.

The ladies known as the BYU bigs weren’t always ballers. Morgan Bailey was a tap dancer. Jennifer Hamson was a gymnast. By the time high school came around, these soon to be Cougars had found their sport and a growth spurt.

“It used to be really hard for me. No one wants to be big in high school. Now, I love being big. I’m proud to be tall and thick because I can use it to my advantage,” Bailey says.

This size advantage is something the Lady Cougars will need to utilize for a successful season. Head Coach Jeff Judkins is looking to fresh faces to fill the holes left behind by graduates Kristen Riley and Dani Peterson. Utah native and new Cougar recruit, Micaelee Orton, is ready to help by tackling a rebound intensive Cougar game plan.

“As bigs, definitely rebounding is going to be huge this year,” Orton says, “I’m just getting used to it because it’s definitely different than high school.”

The Cougars will be returning their share of familiar faces. 6’7 center Jennifer Hamson has high hopes this season.

“We always want to try and improve and dominate and do the best we can and hopefully we can win some championships and go further if we can,” Hamson says.

The Cougars will be counting on Hamson to stay healthy and in the game. She is the only rostered center for the Cougars, and her impressive height and agility give the team a needed edge against tough opponents.

The Cougars will take on the Dixie State Red Storm tonight at 7 in the Marriott Center. Admission is free.

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