Saving the Space Center


Thousand of honks could be heard in Pleasant Grove this weekend, but it wasn’t because of traffic issues. The Christa Mcauliffe Space Center in Central Elementary School is closed after 22 years, and people are working to spread the word.

Friends of the Space Center gathered at Macey’s in Pleasant Grove and shared their individual testimony of the importance of the program. Casey Voeks, the groups spokesman, said the center is a place that explains the “why” of science. People who attended the rally said the simulation system was a favorite of the community. Kids would pretend they were in a Star Trek like situation and the fate of the world was in their hands.

David Herring created a Facebook page a few days before the announcement was made on Oct. 24th, creating a line of communication with the public on this issue. Alpine School District closed the Space Center after it failed to pass inspection due to electrical issues. The cost to repair the damages would be $700,000. Now, they are debating whether or not to reopen it at Central Elementary or to move it to a new location.

Rhonda Bromley, the Alpine District spokeswoman, said the district is meeting this Friday to discuss all the possibilities for the center. Although the location is unknown they are certain the Space Center program will continue.

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