Know before you go


There’s just a week left until election day. If you’re still feeling a little lost about what to expect, head to the, where you can type in your address and see the full ballot.

“There’s different amendments and things on the ballot, depending on where you live and different people you vote for,” said Landon Winn, a first time voter who used the site. “I was able to see who I’m actually voting for in my district.”

The award-winning website turned voter’s pamphlets into a digital experience to help inform them. Lieutenant Governor Greg Bell says learning about candidates is an important responsibility.

“Once you’re registered to vote, your next important step is to become an informed voter,” Bell said. “You don’t have to wait until you arrive at the polls to see your ballot. You can see it now.”

In addition to teaching you about the candidates and issues, spending a little time on the website can save you a lot of time waiting in line at the booths. To help you vote a little faster, a digital map estimates how long the wait times are at different voting locations. The website was created to make voting easier. However, some say it’s geared towards first time voters.

“I think it would be advantageous for younger people,” said Eugene Mead, a local voter. “Younger people use the web a lot more than we do, I think.”

You can also sign up on the website to receive text and email reminders on voting day.

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