Hurricane Sandy concerns


People here in Utah with families on the East Coast are hoping for the best as hurricane Sandy roars ashore. Many students at BYU are from the East Coast and are in close contact with loved ones back home. BYU junior Alex Rogers has family in Virginia and although they say they are safe, she is still concerned. “I am a little worried because of how many trees are back home…it’s pretty easy for them to fall down and hit roads or cars or the houses, so hopefully the winds won’t be too bad,” says Rogers.

BYU junior Emily Fenn recently talked to her mother who lives in Maryland. Fenn said that her mother purchased supplies to prepare for a loss of power, but there are other concerns to address. Fenn shares,”Our house isn’t in the best condition and so I’m worried since it’s a cold front as well. I’m afraid there will be a lot of ice and hail and that it’ll go through the house…she tells me it’ll be OK, but I think that’s just the mother in her.”

Some students, like sophomore Alex Bertha, were unaware about where the hurricane was going to hit and how big its impact could be. “The majority of my family lives back east in Massachusetts and D.C. and the Maryland area. I didn’t know much about the storm; but knowing about the storm now and knowing how powerful it is, I’ll probably get in contact with them to know if they’re alright,” says Alex.

While BYU students in Provo worry about the safety of people back East, there are BYU students actually in Washington D.C. Wade Jacoby, the BYU Washington Seminar Director, said that all students are prepared for the storm’s landfall.


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