Terrific Transfers


Adjusting to Division I basketball can be a challenge after spending two years at a community college. These challenges are welcome for at least one new Cougar.

“Practice here is harder…but day by day i’m getting used to it. I think it’s nice, the gym and the facilities and the culture. Everything’s better,” said Junior Agustin Ambrosino.

Ambrosino shined at Salt Lake Community College last season. He shot 44% from 3-point land. BYU’s shooting percentage fell last season to the lowest since 2005. Ambrosino will help make an impact on the court with fellow JC transfer Raul Delgado.

“Division I is more physical, and the pace is way faster, so I just try to keep my pace up,” said Delgado.

Ambrosino and Delgado join Senior Stephen Rogers as the three JC recruits on this year’s roster. Having gained 31 JC transfers over the past 20 years, BYU understands the contribution they can make to the team. Assistant Head Coach Tim LaComb knows how easy it is for the new recruits to adjust to the team.

“Most of the kids come in pretty mature, having lived away from home, having lived the college life, having played basketball teams before on this level,” said LaComb.

Having both led their JC teams to 20-win seasons, Ambrosino and Delgado will now bring all their fire power and experience to the Marriott Center.

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