Big Spending in Campaigns


Election day is just 21 days away, and the race between Jim Matheson and Mia Love is getting closer and closer as time ticks down. Most experts say political advertising will only speed up in this final stretch of the campaign trail.

It’s in your mailbox, and definitely on your TV. Political advertisements for Mia Love and Jim Matheson are everywhere. The Fourth Congressional race is a hot topic in Utah.

“Mia Love and Jim Matheson is something I’m up on,” said Joshua Matson, a local voter. “That one’s probably the big race that I know of.”

Some wonder what’s funding the advertising behind all this buzz. According to the Federal Election Commission, The National Republican Congressional Committee and Center Forward are the two highest contributors. Both are Super PACS, or outside groups that contribute financially to campaigns.

“A million or two could be spent by outside groups in this race this year,” said Dr. Quinn Monson, a political science professor.

PACS provide the funding behind the advertisements. So far, $3.4 million has been spent in this race alone, and a million of that total was spent just since October 1.

The advertisements can get the candidate’s name out, but it can also send the wrong messages sometimes.

“It can work in their favor or it can hurt them, because they might be a little too harsh or not have the same message as you do,” Monson said.

Even though it can create conflicting messages, the PACs’ spending isn’t slowing and so the commercials won’t be stopping, at least not until after November 6th.

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