Setting Records


Each time the cougars team takes south field, the fans take the stands.  The stadium fills to capacity and opponents not only take on the soccer team, but they take on our crowds.

“Having as many fans as we do helps gives us more energy than we usually have. It’s a lot of fun coming out in South Field,” said Eirca Owens, goalie for the Lady Cougars.

The Cougars only lost five home games in the past three years but Cougar fans are not only rewarded with wins. The women’s soccer team awards a seat on South Field for those who bring the most fans with them. Amy Thorton was Friday’s big winner. Her prize was a seat on the sofa directly on South Field.

“You definitely felt VIP by sitting on the couch cause as people walk in they see you on the couch, and they say that person on the couch is really cool,” Thorton said.

But students are not the only ones who come out and support the team.  Youth, Abigail Rogers braved the weather to come to the games.  Abigail says she loves to watch the game and loves it when BYU wins.

BYU added more sections of stands last year to accommodate the growing number of fans.  This year the Cougars have had the highest attendance against top ten Penn State last month, where the Cougars won three to one.  The Cougar’s ultimate goal is to bring home a conference title. They say it’s possible if they work hard and take it game by game, along with the fans.

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