Hungry to Tailgate


Food, friends, and more food.  These are the key elements to a college football tailgate.

Fans across the country unite hours before kickoff to sizzle some grub and have a good time.

Even for visiting fans, tailgating is an essential part of any game-day experience.

“I think everyone should tailgate who comes to the games,” said Hawai’i fan Kalanihuia Regenhardt before BYU’s game with Hawai’i last Friday.  Regenhardt said one can enjoy “family and friends, and just having fun, then going to…the game.”

But limited land and parking problems make tailgating at BYU difficult.

Brian Mace and members of started a social media movement to find a solution.  They used podcasts and Twitter to reach out to BYU administration to find a place to accommodate grills, tents, and RVs.

“We set up a few meetings, just gave our input,” said Mace.  “Let them know what works here at the ground level so they could understand what we need to make it positive and work out for everybody involved.”

Their persistence paid off, and BYU opened lot 54 just 2 blocks north of the LaVell Edwards Stadium for RVs and overnight tailgating this season.

Mace says with the help of BYU administration, they are building a true tailgating culture at BYU, and everyone is invited to join in.

“Grab yourself a tent, a cooler, some chairs, and come join us.  It’s always a good time over here.  Everybody’s welcome.”

If you’re hungry to tailgate, the Cougar Center crew will be up and running Thursday night in lot 54 before BYU’s showdown with Utah State on Friday.

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